Himalayan Handicrafts is the home-based Nepali handicrafts. It is online hub where individuals/groups get to showcase their manufacture handicrafts. We create/manufacture varieties of unique and diverse ethnic handicrafts. All of the products are made by skillful hands and 100 percent free from child labor that we select carefully under our strict supervision. Our products are sold to outside world in very reasonable price.

We work directly with the producer and assist on all aspects of design and production to guarantee the highest standard in quality control. In this way enhance their skill as well as inspire them for their creativity. We strive towards excellence in all aspects of our business and are committed to delivery you the best and unique products at the most competitive price.

We utilize maximum of local produced and available natural & eco-friendly raw materials, we are producing various unique vintage handmade products that preserve the cultural & tradition and exports across the world representing the uniqueness of Nepal made handicrafts.

Himalaya handicrafts promote handicrafts produce by individuals and group from the hilly and mountainous regions. We are promoting Nepal made handicrafts while preserving cultural aspects as well as provide economic benefits to those who produce it.