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TIBETAN PRAYER Buddhist Mini Prayer’s Flags

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Prayer flags are colored panels or small pieces of rectangular cloth often suspended from the mountain passes and peaks in the region of the Himalayas, Tibet, the Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan.

Buddhist Mini Prayer flag with mantra OM MANI PEDEM UM written.

Meanings of the colors:
Red: fire
Green: the wood
Yellow: Earth
Blue: water
White: the iron

It is widely believed that when the wind and the elements made completely disappear the prayer flag, the wish is granted.

Dimensions Approximately:
– The total flag length: 80 cm (31.5″ inch)
– Each flag measures: 10.5 cm x 7.2 cm (4″ x 2.8″ inch)
– Cotton, made in the Nepal

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Dimensions80 x 7.2 cm