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8″ Inch Viarochana Buddha Statue

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Vairochana, ( Sanskrit: “Illuminator”) also called Mahavairochana (“Great Illuminator”), the supreme Buddha, as regarded by many Mahayana Buddhists of East Asia and of Tibet, Nepal.

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Weight: 1.38kg (3.05 lb)
Height: 8″ (20.3 cm)

Some Buddhists regard Vairochana, or Mahavairochana, as a being separate from the five “self-born” Dhyani-Buddhas, one of whom is known as Vairochana. Among the Shingon sect of Japan, he is the chief object of reverence and is regarded as the source of the entire universe. In Japanese he is called Dainichi Nyorai (“Great Sun Buddha”), or Roshana; in Chinese Piluzhena; in Tibetan Rnam-par-snang-mdzad, or Rnam-snang (“Maker of Brilliant Light”).

When represented as one of the “self-born” Buddhas, as he is in Nepali, Tibetan, and Japanese art, Vairochana occupies the chief position and is often considered to be the progenitor of the other four Dhyani-Buddhas, or the Adi-Buddha himself. In paintings, Vairochana is coloured white, and his hands are shown in the dharmachakramudra (“teaching gesture”). His consort is Vajradhatvishvari or Tara, his family Moha, his mount the dragon (or lion), his symbol the chakra (“wheel”), his skandha (“personality component”) rupa (“matter”), his syllable a or om, his element space, his sense perception hearing, his sense organ the ear, and his location in the human body the head.

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