Pashmina = Cashmere Shawls

Pashmina is an ultimate luxury and warmth, hand woven fine shawls made from wool of goat. It is a fine type of cashmere wool and it was first woven in Kashmir. The name comes from Persian, pashmina meaning “made from wool” and literally translates to “Soft Gold” in Kashmiri. The wool comes from four distinct breeds of the Cashmere goat; namely the Changthangi or Kashmir Pashmina goat from the Changthang plateau in Kashmir region, the Malra from Kargil area in Kashmir region, the Chegu from Himachal Pradesh in northern India and Pakistan, and Chyangara or Nepalese Pashmina goat from Nepal.

Pashmina is recognized worldwide to be the most luxurious of natural fibers. Pashmina, the Nepalese word for the highest quality of Cashmere, is an ultra-fine and exceedingly soft wool .This fine wool comes from the undercoat of the Capra Hircus goat. These goats are found at the altitude of 12,000-14,000 feet in the Himalayas, the Tibetan Plateau and Mongolia.

These shawls are hand spun and woven in Kashmir and Nepal and made from fine Cashmere fiber.

100% Pashmina: It is very warm and luxurious, which you can wrap around yourself as pure pashmina shawls, wraps or scarves. We provide high quality and exclusively made by expert craft man in Nepal. They are 100% pure cashmere bliss.

A “ply” represents of the thickness of the thread used to weave the pashmina, so a 3 ply would be thicker and have greater cashmere content than a 2 ply. Both use the same premium pashmina wool and are hand-made in Nepal.

Our Pashminas are eco-friendly, dyed & produced under fair trade.

Pashmina/Silk Blends: The addition of silk brings a nice sheen to the Pashmina shawl, wrap or scarf. The most popular classic blend is of 70% high quality cashmere pashmina and 30% luxury silk. Except for wispy light, single-ply Water Style, all our pashminas/silk blends are 2 ply to ensure a high quality accessory that is luxurious and warm while still being light-weight.

Water Pashmina Shawls are made of Pashmina Wool and Silk. The specialty of Water Pashmina is that it has different shades of color at front and back sides. These shawls can be worn from both sides. The Water Shawl Pashmina is 50% thinner than the regular Pashmina Shawl. Made from an extremely fine and light form of Pashmina.

The Water Shawl Pashminas have 2 inches fringes.

Check our collection on these beautiful Pure Pashminas and silk blended Pashminas for warmth, comfort and styling.

Keep it WARM and be STYLISH.

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